Ginger Simpson

Ginger Simpson

Ginger Simpson has been writing since 2000 and has produced many fine reads. She’s a pantser who writes when her characters speak, and plotting is as foreign to her as speaking another language. She retired from the University of California, Davis after 24 years, and moved to Tennessee to be caretaker to her autistic grandson. Time flies. That was in 2003/2004 and now Spencer is 13. She’s gone from listening to Thomas the Train in the background to being able to enjoy whatever type of music she likes.

She’s currently working on another “Sarah” story, but swears this one is her swan song. At 70, she wants to spend whatever time God grants her doing fun things with her husband, and not feeling the stress of being an author. Gone are the days of easily obtainable reviews and low overhead. Competition for everything has grown due to self-publishing, and those who think they are authors but need to go through the editing process for years to learn they truly aren’t. What used to be so easy has become more of a chore.



What makes you proud to be a writer from TN, USA? I’m proud to be an author just based on accomplishments. I never knew I could achieve. Here in TN, people kind of give you a blank stare when you announce your profession. I don’t imagine too many people my age find time to read because it seems most grandparents are too busy raising their grandchildren…at least that is the case in the area where I live. I’ve always been a people person, but in all the years, I’ve lived here, this has been the most difficult place to make new friends. I still haven’t figured out why most folks expect free copies. Don’t they realize how many hours an author toils over each story?

What or who inspired you to become a writer? I’ve always been an avid reader. I love authors who sweep me away to another time and place and put me in their character’s shoes. When I was between Cassie Edward’s captivating stories, and had read everything western by Amanda Baker, I decided to try my own hand at writing, and voila…that was the beginning of an exciting new decade for me.

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? In 2000, I wrote my debut novel, Prairie Peace, now re-released as Destiny’s Bride. I knew I wasn’t going to look for an agent (didn’t need the added stress), so I researched small publishing and found Wings E Press. I submitted the story, not expecting acceptance, but lo and behold, I got a wonderful letter saying I TOLD a beautiful story, but now needed to learn to SHOW it to the reader. That’s what I mean about self-pubbed, people who believe they can step into the author’s arena without learning the ropes. I learned tons from my first editor, and I have continued learning with each submission. Unless you go through the appropriate channels, you’re clueless to the rules of writing that apply to authors.

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and did you use it to your advantage? I grew up in a house of western lovers. There was always a John Wayne film on TV and when the radio played, it was Johnny Cash singing. We spent many nights watching The Grand Ol’ Opry, and anything western on TV. Loving the genre set in the old west era seems only logical, and I love it.

Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript? Strange as it seems…my stories come with titles and characters already named when the hero or hero pops into my head. It’s only been on the re-releases of my books that I have to come up with new titles, and that’s really hard.

Please introduce your genre and why you prefer to write in that genre? I’ve written cross genres just to prove to myself that I can, but I always migrate back to Western Historical Romance. I write sweet romance with a tad of sexuality because I’m that kind of person. I prefer to leave the grinds, thrusts and groans to the reader’s imagination. I wrote only one Erotica, and that was the most difficult book ever. You either have to possess a really active imagination or be pro-active in the bedroom…neither apply to me.

What was your inspiration, spark or light bulb moment that inspired you to write the book that you are seeking promotion for? I’m always inspired when a new character shows up with an idea for a story. I’m driven by the need to find out how the journey ends.

What has been your most rewarding experience with your writing process? The appreciation shown by my peers and a few nominations for best reads. I’ve never won an actual award because I haven’t taken the time to enter any writing contests, but there have been a few times when people have nominated me, and that’s a wonderful feeling. I was so shocked when Love Romances announced one of my books as a 2009 best Western Read.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey? Finding publishers who believe in me and have faith in my ability to succeed. I’ve been very lucky to have each publisher see the value in my stories and by far the most rewarding experience for any author after getting a nod of acceptance is holding that new book in your hand for the first time.

Have you had a negative experience in your writing career? If so please explain how it could have been avoided? Until recently, I can claim only positive feedback, but the recent immergence of “trolls” on Amazon who have a need to crucify the work of authors has affected me as well. I received three one-star reviews on one book that made it very evident the reviewers hadn’t even read the book. Who does that…and why? I have no idea how you can avoid such unwanted and unwarranted unkindness.

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? Be yourself, and don’t ever let anyone steal your voice.

Who is your favorite author and why? Laura Ingalls Wilder has an always will be my favorite. I’ve read every “Little House” story a hundred times, and she was the true inspiration for my writing. I’m always flattered if someone compares me to her.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? I’ve been doing this for so many years, I doubt there’s anything most don’t know about me. My life has been an open book.


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Featured Book #1:
Lost In His Eyes by Ginger Simpson

Harlee Wagner didn’t expect to fall in the well when drawing water, and she certainly never expected to be rescued only to find her entire family gone. Logan Carruthers, her handsome hero, insists she rest up before she starts searching and then leads her on a trail consisting of hints and guesses. Will she find her family, or will she discover love? There’s something about his gorgeous blue eyes and broad shoulders that makes her heart flutter.

Previously released as The Well

“A lot is packed into this short book, the story moves along well and the plot kept me interested. I found it enjoyable and recommend this for a lazy day read to anyone to anyone that enjoys a clean mystery romance.” – Birdlady

“I must say that Gingers Simpson’s writing is superb. Harlee’s character is funny and her relationship with Logan’s mother comes alive for me. I have read many of Ginger Simpson’s works and I can’t believe how much she has improved her writing. I am willing to bet that if she got a decent agent she could be the next Danielle Steel.” – Carol Langstroth

“This is a fast paced mystery romance that will keep you intrigued from beginning until almost the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and would highly recommend it.” – Miskagirl

Cold Coffee Press Book Review for Lost In His Eyes by Ginger Simpson

Homesteading in the Oklahoma Panhandle in 1894 is getting harder every day, “Hot winds drove a herd of tumbleweeds across endless acres of sod, broken and dried by the late July sun. The devastating drought in Oklahoma continued, leaving everything parched or dying.”

A small cast of well-developed characters bring the story to life as Miss Harlee Wagner accidentally falls into the family well while gathering a bucket of water. Days later and near death, was this stunning man a figment of her imagination, or was he, her long awaited hero?

Fast-pace action, adventure, mystery and romance keeps the reader turning the pages seeking answers to this most unusual mystery. I quote a passage from the book to show Ginger Simpson’s writing style and the questions Harlee has on her mind. “Harlee took in the scenery again, but her mind wandered. Homesteads much like the one Pa had staked claim to, sat back from the trail, gardens withered, heat waves spiraling upward, and an occasional dust devil swirling in the distance. How did those twisting demons develop when the ground had turned stone-like from the absence of moisture? Could humidity cause enough dampness? Although the area hadn’t had rain for some time, some days were filled with ‘heat you could wear’, as Logan said. Today was one of those days. Harlee’s top clung to her like a second skin; perspiration beaded her forehead and dampened her hair. How she wished she had her old straw hat, but that had disappeared along with her family.”

Cold Coffee Press endorses Lost In His Eyes by Ginger Simpson as a warm, realistic, 1800 period romance published by Books We Love. Thirty plus books have given Ginger Simpson the notoriety that she has earned as a romance author. I invite you to read (just to name a few); Lost In His Eyes, Ages of Love, Arizona Sky, Betrayed, Dancing Fawn, Destiny’s Bride, Discovery, Ellie’s Legacy, First Degree Innocence, Hattie’s Heroes, Sarah’s Heart and Passion, Shortcomings, Time Tantrums and Yellow Moon.

We were given this book in a Kindle/PDF format. This review was completed on October 25, 2015. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press. http://www.coldcoffeepress.com

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Featured Book #2:
Arizona Sky by Ginger Simpson

The wagon carrying Odessa Clay and her father overturns, killing him. Alone and scared in the middle of the desert, she faces finding her way to Phoenix and her Aunt Susan. Food and water run out, and Odessa is near death when Zach Johnson finds her. Squinting up into his tanned and handsome face, Dessie believes she’s died and gone to heaven.

Would-be-outlaw, Zach Johnson finds an unconscious woman alone in the middle of nowhere. Where did she come from? First glance: she appears young, but the curves beneath the dusty gingham say otherwise. He didn’t plan to become someone’s hero, but how can he leave her stranded? He’s on his way to join a gang of bank robbers and he has no time to spare.

Will the promise of Odessa’s sweet lips lure Zach from the secret mission that has his gut twisted into a knot? His father’s ranch isn’t the only thing at stake—now it’s his heart.

Previously published as Odessa.


I think Ginger Simpson lived in the Wild West in another life. She captures the era so well you can smell and taste it in this story of a young woman lost in the arid desert…

The characters are as realistic as the setting she describes. Both the hero and heroine are loveable, faulted, and feisty. The prose is free and easy, allowing the reader to fall into the story without struggle.

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Featured Book # 3:
Betrayed by Ginger Simpson

The advertisement claimed: “Find your true love; we’ll match you with the person of your dreams.” Their irritating spam clogged her computer inbox. “Free tonight? Let’s chat.” Cassie Fremont thought of hitting the ‘trash’ button, but the promises were alluring. Divorced and so lonely, Cassie signs up for the on-line dating service. What she doesn’t know is the cost of the ticket for her ride on the romantic roller coaster from hell. You aren’t the first woman he’s lied to. When Cassie’s siblings present her with evidence, insisting this proves her new beau is a con-man, her world is shattered. Her happiness wanes. How can she possibly believe that this wonderful man who gave up a thriving business in Texas and moved to California to be with her isn’t all he professes to be? The love she sees shining in Evan’s eyes can’t be false. Surely, her siblings are mistaken. Still, the warnings of her sister’s haunt Cassie’s thoughts: There have been others who have lost everything because of him. Faced with an ultimatum, Cassie must choose between her family and Evan.

Previously published as Embezzled Love

“Based on the true story of the author’s sister, this novel builds tension as it goes. It grips the reader and throws them into a whirlwind of emotion from anger to joy and everything in between. It is a powerful book of vulnerability and strength, family loyalty versus true love. A must read for every woman.” ~ Mirella Patzer, Historical Author

“I found this to be an engaging story and the characters very believable. In this high tech age we need a reminder that not everybody is good and decent and we need to have our guard up in the faceless world of the internet.” ~ Carol Langstroth, Mind Fog Reviews

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Featured Book # 4:
Dancing Fawn by Ginger Simpson

Grace Cummings’ family is killed and she’s taken captive by a war party of young Lakota’s hungry to fight the white men encroaching on their sacred black hill; land granted them in a treaty with the government. The brave responsible for leading the war party and Grace’s captor is shunned by the tribe for drawing attention to their band and leaves the village, giving Grace to Little Elk, the nephew of the chief.

With the help and guidance of another white woman in camp, Green Eyes, wife of the chief, Grace learns important facts about the tribe and accepts her given Lakota name, Dancing Fawn… and the love of Little Elk.

While the warriors are away joining with other tribes to fight the war brought upon them by the young warriors, white soldier attack the camp, killing only women, children, and old men. Dancing Fawn is discovered, identified as a white captive and forced to return with the soldiers to Fort Sully. Tied hands and constant guarding display she’s not going voluntarily. Back in civilization and under the watchful eye of the Colonel’s wife, Fawn must decide where her heart truly lies.


Very good book that touches on a part of history that was left out of the history books at school. –

A nice change of pace to drop back into an American Historical where the Indian is the good guy. I enjoyed the book and found the historical facts were in line with what I’ve read in other books, both factual history and historical fiction. Well researched and sensitively written.

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Featured Book # 5:
Sarah’s Heart and Passion by Ginger Simpson

Sarah Collins set her sights for California and a new beginning, but never imagines a war party’s attack on the wagon train she joins. A sole survivor, Sarah must find her way back to civilization, and a man of half-blood happens along at just the right time and becomes her hero…or is the whole scenario only a dream driven by all the romance novels she reads as an editor?

Sarah wakes, her cheeks damp with tears. Like a dust devil in a dying windstorm, all traces of her handsome rescuer vanish with a farewell kiss and the annoying blast of an alarm clock…until he appears at her door as a new neighbor. Will Sarah find a way to win the love she tried so hard to capture in her dream without being declared insane, or will the sexy woman living an apartment away beat Sarah at her own game?

Previously published as Sarah’s Heart and Sarah’s Passion, this edition combines both stories

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