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Mia’s Wish by JJ Landis

Based on a true story! Mia has a quarter to toss in the fountain for a wish. She doesn’t want ice cream or a puppy, but something more. What is Mia’s one wish? A story about an adopted little girl discovering the love and security that all children (and grown-ups!) crave.

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Some Things You Keep: Letting go. Holding on. Growing up. by JJ Landis

After her mom’s suicide, JJ Landis wanders through loneliness and pain. She knows grieving is necessary, but all she can do as a twelve-year-old is keep her sadness locked inside. She walks forward facing rejection, fear, addiction, and depression.

Despite her circumstances, she collects pieces of goodness, trinkets of hope, and fragments of redemption along her path. With healing, she is eventually able to recognize these as gifts.

Growth comes from letting go of the past and pain and stepping forward each day. And with growth comes the wisdom to know what to hold close and what to keep.

We’ve all suffered; we’ve all rejoiced. Every one of us has been on a pilgrimage, and we are all still hiking.

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JJ Landis writes children’s books to help Christian parents teach kids they have a place and purpose in the world and they are enough just as they are. She’s an advocate for reading aloud to kids and surrounding them with as many picture books as humanly possible.

JJ published her first book, Some Things You Keep, a memoir about growing up after the suicide of her mom, in 2015, but has always been a children’s author at heart.

JJ is a children’s librarian in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and three kids, an occasional foreign exchange student, the calmest dog in the world, and an irrational cat. Get free stuff at www.jjlandis.com.

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