Renaissance To The Dawn Of A New Age – by Siafa B. Neal

Renaissance To The Dawn Of A New Age – by Siafa B. Neal

Message from Author/Inventor Siafa B. Neal

“The need to add pizzazz to the already complex game of chess has been and still is my fascination. The rudimentary levels of the game of conventional chess was taught to me by my Dad, the Late David Franklin Neal, Sr. In the past there was a fascination to add adventure and intellectual dynamics to the classical conventional game of chess. The result of this inspiration allows me to derive the establishment and discovery of a new form of chess, namely Advance 3-Dimensional Chess, 3-D Chess. The cornerstone of Advance 3-D Chess allows players to use the 2-dimensional concepts of basic chess and exponentially, extrapolate or translate these concepts into holistic 3-D dynamics perspectives. Thus the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III, materialize into reality.

Although this book focuses on the Single Set games, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III, which initializes as the Long. S.G. 14 Model, resembles a space-aged form of chess that entertains inter and the intra-psychological combative warfare of several combination arrangements of the chess piece initial position set-up. A game may consist of a Single Set, a Double Set, a Triple Set or a Quadruple Set. The participants of the S.G. 14 Model games, namely Model III, may play the game using a simultaneous mode (a chess game that uses two distinct and separate chess sets), a triple mode (a chess game that uses three distinct and separate chess sets), and a Quadruple mode (a chess game that uses four distinct and separate chess sets), whereby all of the chess pieces may engage at the same instant or at intermittent or sporadic intervals. These mode of Play allows a player to challenge between 2 – 4 individual players at the same instant or all at once.

A possible game scenario may allow just two chess players to engage in psychological warfare game plays having a maximum of four possible separate and distinct games which the two players play all at once at the same instant. In this situation, the victor is the winner of three (3) out of a possible four (4) games win. This implies that the winner has to [CHECKMATE] his or her opponent’s King on three (3) separate occasions out of four (4) possible chess events in order to win the four (4) games match. To reiterate, for the sake of simplicity, this book discusses the Single Set game initial set-up arrangement.”

Theodocia McLean (Cold Coffee Press) endorses Advance Chess Book Collection by Author and Grand Master Siafa B. Neal. Reviewed on January 1, 2015.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Other, Self-Help, Games, Advance Chess, Chess, Hobbies, How-to-Play/Distributive Logistics/Board Games/Advance Chess

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