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The Blue Flame (Daradawn Book 1) – by Barbara Hodges

The Blue Flame (Daradawn Book 1) – by Barbara Hodges

Kelsey Cafferty has been missing for seven years. To all but her sister Regan, Kelsey is dead.

On the night Regan finally accepts her sister’s death a man knocks on her front door. The man’s strange choice of clothing baffles her, but it is the blue flame upon his cheek that seals her breath: a blue flame that is a twin to the one she bears on her shoulder.

The man, Peter Canterville, tells Regan a fantastical tale — Kelsey is not dead. She is in his world of Daradawn, helping a queen battle a dark mage. Kelsey has sent him for Regan, whose power is needed to defeat their enemy. Regan thinks the man is crazy, but he has their grandmother’s locket. Kelsey never went anywhere without it.

Accompanied by her friend Ben and his basset hound Maggie, Regan goes with Peter. In Daradawn Regan has no choice but to believe, for magic surrounds her and the small blue flame she thought of as nothing but a birthmark has become much more.

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